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Sunday, 17 January 2021
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Health insurance in New Zealand - How long can you afford to wait?

In New Zealand public health system there are currently waiting lists for elective surgery (depending on your condition), queues to see specialists and even queues to obtain diagnostic tests. If you, or someone in your family needed major surgery through the public health system, you might have to join the queue of thousands who are waiting for surgery today. These problems continue to grow as the Public Health System continues to grapple with rising costs and dwindling budgets. (Source: NZ Health Information Service).

The sensible solution

A good health insurance plan in NZ will give you peace of mind. It will give you access to the very best medical care at a time that suits you in the private hospital of your choice with the specialist of your choice and will make sure that you will receive the right treatment when you need it if you become ill or require elective surgery.

Family Assurance Centre agency committed to helping families and individuals in New Zealand save money on their health insurance costs and can help you get affordable health insurance plan and make your purchase an easier one.

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