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Health Insurance & Life Insurance is what We do best in NZ!

Health Insurance Quotes & Plans and Life Insurance Quote - the Family Assurance Centre is the New Zealand market leader. We specialise in the provision of coverage for;

We present top-rated life and health insurance companies in NZ.

The insurance quotes and information we provide are always unbiased and provided to you to help you make health insurance or life insurance coparison easy.

Professional Advisory Services

Here at the Family Assurance Centre, we strive to make you a better-informed consumer to aid you in your quest, not to mention helping to make you aware of the fine print in the policies.

Sometimes our life insurance & health insurance professionals will advise you that it is best to maintain your current insurance company, rather than change to a different insurer. However you can still use the FREE professional services of our unbiased Advisers to review your existing policy.

Grounds For Negotiation - Lower premiums

Family Assurance Centre is not owned or controlled by any insurance company.

Long-Term Planning

Family Assurance Centre offers a wide selection of affordable health insurance plans, life insurance, trauma and income protection insurance, with nz insurance companies that maintain the highest ratings by the A.M. Best and Standard.

Your first step towards affordable life insurance or health insurance cover is to obtain a free quote. Click:

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